Saturday, May 30, 2009

Its been a while

and I have been busy!
Here are some spinning pics of Merino tops which I have handdyed and spun...

The purple is a 2ply and is about a thick lace weight yarn. The black and grey with hints of a rusty brown is a lace weight single which I will use for knitting a lace stole for me.

Ixchel fibre and yarn
Angorino in Barossa party. It spun up like a dream, I love the colours and it is knitting up so soft and fuzzy. Super yummy!!!

Southern Cross Fibres
I have gotten myself a spot on the fibre club which I am very chuffed about. This month we received batts which I have no idea what to do with despite them being very beautiful Merino and Silk. I am keeping an eye on Rav as David is posting some suggestions and tips.
Along with the club fiber I snaffled some tops of his shop update, I started with some of the BFL in Hunter Valley before trying the batts.

batts for the club, I recieved a double dose of EARTH (David's photos of the fibre in all of these as I am too lazy)

Katoomba Norwegian top

Wombat Falkland top

Byron Bay, Blue Faced Leicester top

Hunter Valley BFL (Mine was a lot more read and green than this)

My first ever 3 ply! My first ever Fractal spinning! Woot! It is a bit over plyed, but this was done intentionally as I want to use it for socks. Love all of Davids' fibre, the colours are really amazing. I have to have a break from spinning now as I seem to have given myself a spot of tennis elbow due to my obsession, Ouch!


Jejune said...

Oh wow, they are all stunning!! Very impressed! Now, get out the knitting needles :)

nettie said...

Everything is gorgeous!!

Bec said...

OMG - those are my mittens!!
They are wonderful & snuggly warm - thanks for being an awesome swapper!!