Saturday, May 30, 2009

Its been a while

and I have been busy!
Here are some spinning pics of Merino tops which I have handdyed and spun...

The purple is a 2ply and is about a thick lace weight yarn. The black and grey with hints of a rusty brown is a lace weight single which I will use for knitting a lace stole for me.

Ixchel fibre and yarn
Angorino in Barossa party. It spun up like a dream, I love the colours and it is knitting up so soft and fuzzy. Super yummy!!!

Southern Cross Fibres
I have gotten myself a spot on the fibre club which I am very chuffed about. This month we received batts which I have no idea what to do with despite them being very beautiful Merino and Silk. I am keeping an eye on Rav as David is posting some suggestions and tips.
Along with the club fiber I snaffled some tops of his shop update, I started with some of the BFL in Hunter Valley before trying the batts.

batts for the club, I recieved a double dose of EARTH (David's photos of the fibre in all of these as I am too lazy)

Katoomba Norwegian top

Wombat Falkland top

Byron Bay, Blue Faced Leicester top

Hunter Valley BFL (Mine was a lot more read and green than this)

My first ever 3 ply! My first ever Fractal spinning! Woot! It is a bit over plyed, but this was done intentionally as I want to use it for socks. Love all of Davids' fibre, the colours are really amazing. I have to have a break from spinning now as I seem to have given myself a spot of tennis elbow due to my obsession, Ouch!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clover and Swaps

Clover is getting pretty big now.
I took her into the Vets today to visit one of my students on work experience, and the vet nurse thinks that she in actually a HIM! So the Kitty is now officially an IT!

I am also very excited about the lovely pressies that I received today for the Yellow swap (part of the rainbow series) on Ravelry. I really love all of the things that I got, especially the handmade doily's and scarf, very lovely! I really love it when people take the time to wrap all of the goodies that you receive (I try to do the same for others) as it makes the fun last longer, and you can appreciate each thing one at a time :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Raising Clover the tiger Kitty!

I found my little clover in the back yard she was in amounts a whole heap of wood and corrugated iron leaning up against the fence. I could hear meowing as Lee was using big noisy power tools, she was a sad Kitty.

She was about 2 weeks old when I found her, and now she is about 3 weeks. I just weighed her and she has put on more than 100g since I first thought to weigh her. Her eyes are now fully open and her ears have "popped" out of her head. Her little razor sharp teeth are just peeking threw her gums.

I don't normally get excited about cats, but I have fallen in love.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dyeing for the weekend deux

More dyeing fun happened this weekend. I need 2 of these skeins for swaps I am in and since I am new to the whole dyeing thing I will be sad to part with them.

A bit step....... I went outside of my comfort zone and went brown! I am usually a primary colour or cool rich colour kind of gal, but I tried something new and really liked the results.

Pictures speak a thousand words

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finishing off

I am notoriously bad at finishing things at the moment, so I knuckled down over the last few weeks of my school holidays and focused on getting two of my projects finished.

My monkey socks, only took me about 5 months and they should of taken a couple of weeks at most!!! I love the way the yarn changes from deep blue at the top to more aqua blue at the toes, cool effect which I wasn't expecting when I bought the yarn from Helen at Waratah fibres

I also finished my Hey Teach! Cardigan from knitty
I made a few changes to the cardi. I made it a few inches longer, I picked up more stitches around the neck and fronts of the cardi (changed from 24 stitches picked up to nearly 50 on each neck edge), and I left out the waist ribbing. I also knitted this in the round, dividing at the sleeves and knitting the rest flat, which meant the only seaming I had to do was on the sleeves. I am fairly happy with the look of it, but am yet to try it on and get the real picture!

Finishing things feels awesome!
Now I had better do some much needed house work :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday swap goodness!

Ravensong sent me these beautiful things for my birthday (I love this birthday swap!), they were a few weeks later than she intended by my goodness are they all so so lovely. So worth the wait!!!! And I have to say that the soft green looks great with my blonde hair :)
I love the Ice Queen cowl and the gorgeous lace weight hand-dyed teal yarn, and the peel off mask, which I will use on the week end to pamper myself :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The holidays are over

Melbourne street art

I got back from a lovely holiday to Melbourne last night. My sister and I did a lot of shopping, went to the tennis and drank champagne in our rooms spa. It was lots of fun!

I have work on Tuesday, and am starting my new job. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I am a bit concerned though as I got an email from the school while I was away saying that a vandal had smashed 4 large windows in what is to be the new staffroom in the building, which is a bit of a concern! As of Tuesday I will be a very busy woman, starting up a new education program is going to be hectic, but I really like to be busy, so it shouldn't be too bad... Fingers crossed.

When I got home I had a number of lovely parcels waiting for me. One of which was my orange swap pressies from Ravelry. My spoiler was Yarngobbler and she did a great job of collecting many pieces of orangy goodness!

I have been spoilt!

I also enjoyed getting together stuff for my swap partner Missfee. A few pieces from the parcel...

Good luck cowl using soya

Crocheted and felted cat toys

J-man testing the cat toys, he liked them!!!