Friday, November 21, 2008

Here we go!

Ok! so I have jumped on the bandwagon. Everyone seems to be doing this whole blog thing and I am really enjoying reading interesting, funny, and educational snippets. I have decided that I too may have something to share with the world in cyberspace.

My 3 favorite things are my dogs, being creative (painting, drawing, knitting), and teaching.

This is Jeremy, he is about 7 and he is sooooooo cute :)
He is a bit naughty too.

I am a bit obsessed with yarn and knitting. I was taught to knit by my mum when I was about 6 and I began to make my dad a beautiful rainbow stripes garter stitch neck tie. I am sure that he was very glad that I never got it finished.... hmm I wander if my mum still has it somewhere :)

I am a High School Art Teacher, and have been a year advisor for 3 years. I have recently begun working as a behaviour consultant and I now travel between schools and work with teachers helping them deal with challenging students. Very interesting work.

signing out....

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