Monday, February 16, 2009

Dyeing for the weekend deux

More dyeing fun happened this weekend. I need 2 of these skeins for swaps I am in and since I am new to the whole dyeing thing I will be sad to part with them.

A bit step....... I went outside of my comfort zone and went brown! I am usually a primary colour or cool rich colour kind of gal, but I tried something new and really liked the results.

Pictures speak a thousand words


nettie said...

Sooo gorgeous. You're inspiring me to put my fledgling skills to practice.

Trudi said...

Absolutely love the pink

Swords and Needles said...

I love that I looked at these pictures multiple times, and one of them came to me!

Market Girl said...

What gorgeous colours.

we love cool things like this at Handmade. Especially for the winter warmer coming up!

P.S just found you clever people on Brown Owls, I cannot believe I have not come across you lll before.