Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finishing off

I am notoriously bad at finishing things at the moment, so I knuckled down over the last few weeks of my school holidays and focused on getting two of my projects finished.

My monkey socks, only took me about 5 months and they should of taken a couple of weeks at most!!! I love the way the yarn changes from deep blue at the top to more aqua blue at the toes, cool effect which I wasn't expecting when I bought the yarn from Helen at Waratah fibres

I also finished my Hey Teach! Cardigan from knitty
I made a few changes to the cardi. I made it a few inches longer, I picked up more stitches around the neck and fronts of the cardi (changed from 24 stitches picked up to nearly 50 on each neck edge), and I left out the waist ribbing. I also knitted this in the round, dividing at the sleeves and knitting the rest flat, which meant the only seaming I had to do was on the sleeves. I am fairly happy with the look of it, but am yet to try it on and get the real picture!

Finishing things feels awesome!
Now I had better do some much needed house work :)


knitting sprouts said...

hey they both look fantastic! I love the way the socks gradually change colour and can't figure out how helen dyed it to do that!

Aren't the monkey socks great?

Bells said...

They are both excellent! hey teach has been on my list for ages. I think I should try and have one ready for autumn, for sure. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jejune said...

Fantastic work on both the socks and the top!

Hope your first weeks of teaching haven't been too exhausting :)