Saturday, January 24, 2009

The holidays are over

Melbourne street art

I got back from a lovely holiday to Melbourne last night. My sister and I did a lot of shopping, went to the tennis and drank champagne in our rooms spa. It was lots of fun!

I have work on Tuesday, and am starting my new job. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I am a bit concerned though as I got an email from the school while I was away saying that a vandal had smashed 4 large windows in what is to be the new staffroom in the building, which is a bit of a concern! As of Tuesday I will be a very busy woman, starting up a new education program is going to be hectic, but I really like to be busy, so it shouldn't be too bad... Fingers crossed.

When I got home I had a number of lovely parcels waiting for me. One of which was my orange swap pressies from Ravelry. My spoiler was Yarngobbler and she did a great job of collecting many pieces of orangy goodness!

I have been spoilt!

I also enjoyed getting together stuff for my swap partner Missfee. A few pieces from the parcel...

Good luck cowl using soya

Crocheted and felted cat toys

J-man testing the cat toys, he liked them!!!


Jejune said...

Oh, your Melbourne trip sounds perfect!

Best wishes for this week ahead, and starting your new career!!

And what a great bunch of treats :D

Anonymous said...

I am glad that my brother lives with such an artistic soul! You remind me of me! Abbey x
Love the knitting, and the kitten!!