Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have finished 11 hours of spinning classes over the last 7 days, and quite a few hours of spinning at home. I have really enjoyed the classes, and I was a little sad that they ended. It was lovely to spend some time with local like-minded knitters, we had a lot of fun.

This is the transition from fleece to yarn (minus pics of the raw fleece)

AND I have finally made some yarn!

The above pictures are of the dirty, raw, greasy, sticky, smelly fleece. It was really quite a fun experience to go through the whole process of combing out the fleece and then spinning it. I did get a bit sick of the greasiness though, and chose not to ply this yarn as I would of needed to spin another bobbins worth, although I do LOVE the colour and it is lovely after in has been scoured. Instead the class was given some Corridale Bond fleece, which was lovely and clean and white so I spun up 2 bobbins worth to learn to ply on. I know I am soft!!!!

My new creations!!!!!


Bells said...

oh I love that last photo of the two side by side. What an achievement!

I'm soft too. I'm glad i touched the greasy stuff but I wasn't ever going to enjoy it.

nettie said...

You creative genius, you!

knitting sprouts said...

wow - you are a natural. I have to say that I have also spun two of the white for plying this thursday.